Miranda Bone

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

New Daylesford Practice

Some may be wondering where I have been… well, I have just moved to Daylesford, Victoria. This has inspired some changes in my work, and some great new opportunities for anyone who’d like to consult with me. I am now offering consults at a reduced rate to get my new private practice business up and running. If you’d like to know more about how I can help you, check out my “about me” page, and feel free to send me an email if you have any further questions.

According to the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, most initial consults cost $90 – $150 for between 45 min and 1 hour. This, I believe, is to cover the substatial operating costs of providing services in the cities, but it does make it a bit of an investment to obtain a Dietitian’s advice, unless you have good private health cover or an EPC referral^. I would like consults with myself to be as affordable and accesssible as possible, and so I have developed options for Home visits and Phone based consultations.

I am also offering services from the Springs Medical practice in Daylesford (and possibly Trentham – watch this space!).

Face to Face consults

Home Visits: Area covered – Hepburn Springs and Daylesford Townships. Additional areas covered, but extra charges may apply (to cover cost of transport)

Springs Medical: 10 Hospital St Daylesford, fortnightly on a Monday afternoon/evening.

  • Initial, 1 hour consult: $70
  • Review, 30 min consult: $60

^Medicare and Health Fund Rebates: You may be eligible for a GP Chronic Disease Management Plan, or Extended Primary Care referral if you have a chronic disease best managed with input from several allied health providers. Ask your GP about eligibility.

If you do have an EPC referal, Medicare will refund $52.95 of your consultation fee for up to 5 consultations per calendar year, leaving you out of pocket by only $17.05 for an initial or $7.05 for a review consultation. Alternately, if you have Private Health Cover, your health care fund may cover Dietitians – I have had patients receive rebates of up to $60.

Phone Consultations

Area Covered – Australia Wide; international by negotiation.

  • Initial, 1 hour consult: $65
  • Review, 30 min consult: $55

To Book

Email me at miranda.bone+apd@gmail.com with a brief description of what you would like help with, and a suggested time for the consult (eg, afternoon, 4th of February). Alternately, you may call me on 04395 24385, however, if I am with a client, or otherwise away from the mobile, I may not pick up – just leave your number and a message and I will get back to you.

The School Program

Did you know I offer Nutrition services to schools? In fact, I do. My Schools’ Program is tailored to the needs of each individual school community or group of students.

Healthy Snacking

.. in an unhealthy world.

Sometimes I think the cosmos really wants us to eat chocolate and chips. And fast food. It seems to be everywhere, in bright packets, and just the smell can make us hungry.

Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition

Basic Nutrition for Vegetarians and Vegans

Being a well and healthy vegetarian or vegan needn’t be difficult and for most of people, it isn’t. But sometimes, especially when transitioning from an omnivorous diet, there can be problems.

The Iron in Our Blood

For any vegetarian or vegan who has spoken about nutrition with a non-vegetarian, the issue of iron has probably come up. “But how do you get enough iron?”

What to Do Before You Cut Out Wheat

These days, going wheat or gluten free is almost fashionable. However, if you have noticed symptoms after eating a big bowl of pasta or a fluffy white pizza base, don’t rush to avoid wheat just yet.